The Callipeplon Society
Half-Day Retreats

Being Present


July 15th – July 23rd, 2013

Practices which are antidotes to distraction, reactive judgment, habitual unconsciousness, unexamined assumptions, negative expectations, positive expectations and other mind-traps in daily life.

The retreat begins at 5 pm on July 15 and ends at 3 pm on July 23.

Accommodations and meals included in the retreat fee of $720.

Cancellation Policy: $20 service charge for cancellations on or before June 15th; 50% on or before June 24th; there is no refund for cancellations after June 24th unless the canceled space can be filled, in which case a 50% refund will be made.

Turn of the Year


December 30th – January 2, 2013

Close 2013 and set intentions for 2014. The retreat begins at 3 pm on Dec. 30 and ends at 3 pm on Jan. 2. At 1:30 on January 2 we will hold Opening the Buddha’s Eyes Ceremony. Any one is welcome to participate in this traditional ceremony at the end of the Turn of the Year retreat to open the eyes of figures and paintings depicting the Buddha for the new year.

Accommodations and meals included in the retreat fee of $270.

Please make all checks for events at Goat-in-the-Road payable to: The Callipeplon Society, the California non-profit corporation which sponsors Yvonne’s teaching and retreats. The name Callipeplon means “beautiful robe”.

Donations to the Callipeplon Society are tax deductible.